Basic course 3D-printing


In 10 years we all have a 3D printer at home and the machines at all companies have been replaced by large industrial 3D printers. " This was the prospect that was outlined in 2011 when 3D printing was introduced. It is not that far yet, and it will probably never come that far. More and more companies are now coming to the conclusion that although 3D printing has many advantages, it also has less good features.

In this course you will get a general picture of applications of the 3D print technology and how they can be applied in different branches.

Learning goals

  • Being able to identify application fields yourself
  • Understand what different 3D printing techniques there are, and how they work
  • Understand that the design process for 3D printing is different from other techniques.
  • Being able to identify distinctive characteristics
  • Understanding and being able to apply the Buy 2 Fly ratio.
  • Identify different markets
  • Get an idea of ​​what 3D printing will bring in the future.
  • Basic knowledge about new business models thanks to the arrival of Additive Manufacturing.

Study load

The expected study load is 3 hours (online).

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