Terms of Use Fontys Open Learning Labs


Read these conditions carefully before registering and using www.openlearninglabs.nl. By registering at www.openlearninglabs.nl you indicate that you have taken note of and agree with these terms of use and accept the provisions without reservation.

Processing of personal data 

www.openlearninglabs.nl adheres to the applicable (European) privacy regulations when processing your personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal data will, in accordance with these regulations, be processed in a proper and careful manner and solely for the purposes mentioned below. Your personal data will not be provided to third parties without your permission. By your personal data we mean your name, place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number and previous education. Your data is stored on a server within the European area

Educational purpose 

The learning management system www.openlearninglabs.nl is an educational portal containing a diverse range of online lesson modules. Learning activities and learning outcomes are recorded as part of the learning process. 

Commercial purpose

 www.openlearninglabs.nl offers the user online lesson modules. The user´s data can be used by Fontys for sending (e-mail) newsletters with training-specific information. You can unsubscribe (opt-out) from these Fontys newsletters at any time. 

Technical purpose 

www.openlearninglabs.nl is based on a learning management system that must function properly in a technical sense. Your e-mail address is required for the procedure of registration and authentication by www.openlearninglabs.nl. www.openlearninglabs.nl places cookies on your computer that are only used to enable us to identify you for the use of this portal. Furthermore, www.openlearninglabs.nl runs on software under GPL licenses of various open source products, such as Moodle and MySQL. Use is also made of so-called plug-ins, such as flash and pdf. This software, which is used by www.openlearninglabs.nl, is subject to conditions and licenses from third parties that you are expected to respect. 

Applicability and use of the portal 

As a user of www.openlearninglabs.nl, you must maintain an attitude and behaviour as can be expected from a responsible and careful internet user. Fontys reserves the right to adjust or remove texts, messages, forum contributions and the like on www.openlearninglabs.nl. It is not permitted to use the portal, or its content, for acts and/or behaviours that are contrary to law, public order or morality. More specifically, but not exclusively, the following actions and/or behaviours are not permitted:

1. Violate or otherwise act contrary to the intellectual property rights of Fontys Open Learning Labs, its students and/or third parties;

2. making damaging, unlawful or misleading statements;

3. distributing legally prohibited material;

4. evade or remove the security of (parts of) the website.

The user is not permitted to copy, modify, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise use or exploit the available material without prior express written permission from Fontys. In the event of infringement of intellectual property, Fontys reserves all rights with regard to the user, including the right to put an end to the infringement(s) and

the right to recover damage from the user. Fontys points out to the user that part of the data provided by the user (except for the password) can be viewed by other users.

The e-mail address of the user can also be viewed by all participants, unless the user disables this him/herself. The user has the right to request Fontys Open Learning Labs to delete his/her personal data at any time. 

Intellectual ownership 

The intellectual property with regard to the portal rests exclusively with Fontys, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Intellectual property includes, among other things, all patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights, design rights, domain names in the Netherlands or elsewhere, which are related to the www.openlearninglabs.nl portal in general, including know-how and trade secrets. In the event of an infringement of intellectual property, Fontys reserves all rights vis-à-vis the user, including the right to put an end to the infringement(s) and the right to recover damages from the user. 


The content of the modules is provided by Fontys. Www.openlearninglabs.nl is in no way responsible for the content of the modules. Any liability for damage is further excluded, in particular damage that is caused by faltering servers hosted at third parties by www.openlearninglabs.nl, malfunctioning modules and textual and visual errors in the portal. The limitation of the liability of www.openlearninglabs.nl does not apply if the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence of www.openlearninglabs.nl. It is always the case that any liability to pay damages by www.openlearninglabs.nl is limited to the payment it receives from its insurer, and insofar as the latter does not do any payment, for the amount that www.openlearninglabs.nl receives from the party who indemnifies or safeguards the insurer. Www.openlearninglabs.nl does not guarantee that the information offered on the website is up-to-date, complete and/or accurate. Nor does www.openlearninglabs.nl guarantee that the information offered on its website is free of errors and/or defects and that such errors and/or defects will be corrected. Finally, the user is obliged to use a suitable and up-to-date anti-computer virus program that regularly checks for possible computer viruses. Www.openlearninglabs.nl does not guarantee that the software on its website is free of computer viruses and therefore accepts no liability whatsoever. 


The user will always treat his/her account information (username and password) carefully and keep it completely confidential. The user guarantees to www.openlearninglabs.nl that the account information is only used personally. The user himself is responsible for any use by (an) unauthorized person(s) and the resulting damage. 


Www.openlearninglabs.nl is a site of Stichting Fontys, established in Eindhoven and registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven under number KvK 41097718. Fontys reserves the rights to adjust and/or change the user conditions and to deny users access to www.openlearninglabs.nl. The legal relationship between Fontys and the user is governed by Dutch law, while only the Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear disputes between parties.

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